Welcome to Health For Life Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre… a clinic to take you to the next level of wellness, where a Registered Physiotherapist overlooks your entire rehab care. Whether acquired from an accident, or from acute or existing chronic issues, a one-on-one approach in close collaboration with other Registered Practitioners is utilised to deliver the best care possible. The quality of care delivered in a compassionate and friendly environment is one that encourages and motivates you to be on top of your well-being.

This is accomplished by taking time to provide you further education regarding your condition and how to overcome it rather than simply managing pain. The Physiotherapist is mostly hands-on, making use of manual therapy techniques and believes in focusing on prescribing you an appropriate exercise program to make you move better. The Physiotherapist looks forward to guiding you in improving your physical activity, keeping in mind your current level of recovery and stage of healing from injury or condition.

Health For Life Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre is a Physiotherapist-owned rehab clinic which offers a wide range of services from pain-management to cardio-respiratory conditioning, as well as detailed gait assessment for appropriate orthotics and other orthopaedic products you will benefit the most.

Physiotherapist-owned clinic means you will be provided an intensive assessment and on-going monitoring. Treatments are outcome-based and follows best practices. It is not about business to sell you just services-- our business is to assist you to “live your life to the fullest!”

Jovy Ronquillo,PT, BScPT
Registered Physiotherapist
Adjunct Lecturer, University of Toronto
Vice-Chairperson (Education) Philippine Working Group, ICDR- University of Toronto